In the world that we live in today, technology has a very big contribution to our way of life. It has changed the way we live our everyday lives, our methods of communication, our methods of education and more. One important contribution of technology is it has made it easier for people to be able to introduce something new to the world and it is possible to do so with just simply a click.

Technology has heavily influenced all sources of communication media and one important aspect it has improved is advertising. In the past, the only way to advertise a product to the public is thru TV commercials. Now, many forms of advertising have products have already been discovered and one of them is video advertising. Video advertising has become increasingly popular on our current time because of its flexibility to be made and its wide scope of audience. It is simply starting to replace TV commercials. Let us compare the two.

  1. Cost of advertising
  • As we all know, TV commercials nearly cost a fortune for just 30 seconds of airtime and it is only shown at a selected time. Video advertising, on the other hand, can be shown to the public for free. Yes, it’s free to advertise videos online as long as you have an internet connection and a functioning laptop, tablet or smartphone that you can use to produce and to upload a video.
  1. Cost of production
  • In order to produce a TV commercial, you would still need to shell out a fairly huge amount just to be able to hire the needed models for the product, the crew that will film the advertisement and the editors that will improve the videos shot. Also an additional expense is the equipment you would use in producing a TV commercial. For video advertising, you will also need to hire the same people as TV commercial production but in this case you could opt to hire lesser people because a video advertisement does not need to be as complex as a TV commercial. Therefore, you would be able to save money when producing a video advertisement rather than a TV commercial.
  1. People that can be reached by advertising
  • This is one major factor that makes a big difference between TV commercial and Video Advertising. TV commercials only reach the people that are within the scope of the TV station and those who are watching television. Video advertising, on the other hand, can reach more people and it can even be shown to the world. Social media makes it easier to spread video advertisements to the people around the world. People around the world would be able to see the video advertisements regardless of their location as long as they have social media accounts and an internet connection.

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