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Office 1: (For Client Meetings / Presentations) – Per Appointment

Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines
Mr. Anthony Tan
(Art Director / Photographer)
Globe: 0917-8530888
Direct Email: [email protected]

Office 2: (Printing Department – c/o

1F-09, Ground Floor, 999 Mall,
Bldg. 1, Soler St., Binondo, Manila
Philippines, 1006

Tel: (02) 8254-0612, 8254-0479, 8254-9628,
(02) 8516-5877, 8925-0634, 8925-2284,
(02) 8425-7697
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*Note: Prices are subject to change without prior notice Infographics Video (AFTR): *Price: P135,000.00/60sec *Lead Time: 14-20 days *Background Music & Sound Effects, Sound Design: P15,000.00/60sec *Full HD Resolution: 1080p: FREE *Voice Over: FREE *Script: P15,000.00/60sec *Sync the Video to the Voice Over: FREE *Add Logo, Tagline & URL: FREE [mtphr_gallery id=”862″] [mtphr_gallery id=”861″] [mtphr_gallery id=”866″] [mtphr_gallery id=”869″] [mtphr_gallery id=”816″] [mtphr_gallery id=”867″] [mtphr_gallery id=”802″] [mtphr_gallery id=”865″] [mtphr_gallery id=”863″] [mtphr_gallery id=”800″]