Video Advertising: Most Effective Online Marketing Strategy

Aside from building website for your business, video advertising is one of the most important online marketing strategy that you shall consider. Business owners who were not aware of this trend might ask why. It’s because visual representation is a key for branding and product promotions. In fact, 100 Million users watch online video every day and they spend 16 minutes and 49 seconds each month to watch online video ads according to comScore. That is why majority of brands are now focusing in online video advertising.





Create an engaging video ads that can effectively lure your target audiences and show off the main benefit that shoppers can get in just few seconds. In this way, viewers can easily understand the importance of your product without reading full text description. Besides, if you’ll share it in social media sites where Billions of people are active every day, you could more likely get lots of shares and likes and it could help a lot to add up points to your social media marketing.

In addition, when you embed video ads in your website, people will more likely trust your brand and it increases your credibility. Another report by comScore shows that 64 percent of website visitors who have watched video ads in a website are more likely to buy a product. So if you haven’t been focusing your marketing budget for an online video ads, this is the right time for you to turn into this important piece of marketing success.

Are you already using online video advertising? How does it affect the business progress? Please share your story in the comment box below.

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